geology specimen documentation.

Hello lovelies! here is a look at an aspect of my work.

I am the curator of the geology museum at the University of Dayton and a part of the work that I do is documenting the specimens that we have within the department. Here are some of my favorite pieces. I find so much beauty and inspiration in doing this work and I love sharing it with you all. Enjoy.

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on the artist.

Currently I have been thinking a lot about the role of the artist in the world. Specifically looking at the artists responsibilities. How are we as artists able to educate and be advocates to causes that are relevant and important. Are we as artists any more responsible for this than other people? Was our choice in career one of a well rounded person whom holds the power of communication? or am I simply over thinking the ability of the artist as communicator?

What is art but a means of encapsulating our lived experience and culture?

digital collages.

post-undergradute work.

this is a bit of my current work. keeping with my obsession of causalities and exploring the initial reaction to images i have been collecting photographs and digitally collaging. thus i only spend approximately one minute making each image. i collage extensively with physical materials and this is a digital response to the process of constructing realities, from borrowed memories.

i would love love feedback!